The Secret Sea Society is a brand-new collection of digital collectibles, debuting exclusively on the Snafler app. These Octopod avatars are unique and one-of-a-kind digital collectibles that you can own and showcase on your Snafler profile..

Claim your free Octopod NFT!

During February 2023 all Snafler users can claim a free Octopod to start their collection.  Simply sign-up to Snafler to receive 1000 SFX which you can then spend on your first Octopod.

Here’s how to claim and redeem your digital collectible:

  1. Install Snafler on your phone.  Create a user to login and navigate to the NFT section.
  2. Click on the Secret Sea Society collection and browse through the collection and pick the Octopod avatar that takes your fancy. Each Octopod is unique, checkout the properties section to look out for rare traits.
  3. Once you have made the hard decision of choosing the one you fancy, click on “Buy”.
  4. Connect your wallet to collect the digital collectible. Relax, if you don’t have a digital wallet, Snafler app can create you a new digital wallet for you.  Accept terms of purchase and hit “Buy now”. The collectible will be minted for you on blockchain and transferred to your digital collectibles wallet.