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1st Phase

The Secret Sea Society Octopods tribes is a collection of 2089 unique Octopods found around the mythical sunken Tinten islands. The octopodes belong to 7 legendary tribes.

2nd Phase

Releasing the 3D  Secret Sea Society collection + 3 new legendary tribes

3rd Phase

Releasing the Tinten Islands collection of procedurally generated interactive 3D islands.

Algorithmically generated holographic 3D NFT collectibles

1st Phase.

Introducing 3D ColoRiot NFT Collection through social media and NFT marketplaces (The journey has only just begun!).

2nd Phase.

The 2D limited edition features unique portraits of tribal themed humans and animals that double up as stunning PFPs. A limited subset from the 2D collection has also been rendered in interactive 3D format for the metaverse in collaboration with Hology Club.

3rd Phase.

Our collectors will have access to Hology Studio, Airdrops and Hology Club on Sandbox.

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