Introducing Pixxl Club

Thanks to retro gamers and NFT collectors’ pixel art is having a renaissance once again. Back in the 70s the original video games use of pixel art was largely abstract due to the rigid limitations of early visuals. Due to the poor resolution of computers and gaming consoles, game developers were compelled to meticulously build game assets by purposefully placing individual pixels to create instantly recognizable symbols, characters, or objects.

People all throughout the world appear to have spent more time online playing games, surfing social media, and picking up new hobbies as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. The development of NFTs, which made it more affordable to create a huge number of artworks using pixel art, appears to have been a second major element. Many pixel artists embraced the new technology as a new source of income as the market for NFTs expanded quickly.

Our team created Pixxl Club, a social pixel drawing app. We wanted people to have an easy access to a drawing tool that will allow them after creating their pixel art to mint right away on the Polygon network. You can use Pixxl Club to create pixel movies from a phone or tablet. We want to enable pixel art communities to create, mint, trade and monetize pixel themed artwork. We create a secure wallet for you, so you don’t need to connect your digital wallet to pixxl club to mint your pixel art.