About Snafler Collective

Snafler Collective is an alliance of Metaverse brands engaged in building a diverse portfolio of collectables for Metaverse enthusiasts.

Our Club

Snafler Collective is an alliance of Metaverse brands engaged in building a diverse portfolio of collectibles for the Metaverse enthusiasts. With robust blockchain technology at its core, the collective believes in delivering true digital ownership in the form of non fungible tokens to the Web3 community.

Snafler Collective brings together amazing fun-loving people from around the world and all walks of life. Great adventures start with a great company and that’s what this project is all about – a free-spirited community. We are the team behind Snafler App, Secret Sea Society, Pixxl Club, ColoRiot and Hology Club.

Our plans are ambitious and we are determined to release new cool stuff every step of the way. As our community grows, we want the interaction to be continuously entertaining. We believe in delivering true digital ownership in the form of non-fungible tokens to the Web3 community.

Owning one of the NFTs from the Snafler Collective collection grants you entry to our exclusive club, as well as access to various club perks and benefits. Join us on our adventure.

Snafler App

Snafler is the brilliant new social platform for collecting experiences, objects and digital assets. With Snafler you can share your passions and hobbies with others who feel just the same, to find or extend your online communities.

Pixxl Club

Pixxl Club is a social drawing app. With Pixxl Club you can create pixel art and pixel movies from a phone or tablet. Pixxl club enables communities to create, mint, trade and monetize pixel themed artwork.

Hology Club

Hology club is on a mission to bring hyper immersive and interactive 3D content and experiences to the rapidly evolving virtual realm in the form of digitised 3D NFTs.

Secret Sea Society

Secret Sea Society is an NFT collection of 2,089 unique 1/1 Hand Drawn Octopods. Living their best life in the waters around Tinten islands. All of them belong to 7 different clans and have unique attributes and names. All Octopods holders will gain VIP passes to our metaverse blueprint along with the ability to mint a Pixel Version of their octopus.


ColoRiot is a stunning PFP digital art collectible generated based using superior machine intelligence. This limited edition collection is an incredible amalgamation of Art and Tech. The collection exuberates vivid and bold colours of emotions through disparate portraits of humans and animals.

Tinten Islands

Tinten Islands is a metaverse project. This incredible collection of digital collectibles are unique pieces of procedurally generated 3D real estate to own in the metaverse. The hyper immersive VR destination in the metaverse can be used to build meta mansions, throw lavish VR parties, build play to earn games and more.

The Team